We hope you take the time to browse. This is basically about preserving all the memories of “Cakeway to the West”, which took place around the St. Louis area in 2014. It’s been four years since the first cake was put out. (Funny, that first cake…St. Louis City Hall…is still there) There were 256 cakes that were seen all over the St. Louis area, and more than 3/5ths of them are now gone. Most of them are either in storage and on private property. On the flip side, there are an estimated 70-80 original selected locations that still proudly display their cakes. Plus, you can see them at certain small businesses around St. Louis!

Be sure to check the ‘2018 Cake Status’ page (on top) to see where your favorite cake(s) are now!


Updated: 2/21/2018

East St. Louis City Hall, February 2018
The College School, January 2018
Cake with a view