1220 North 11th Street, St. Louis, MO, 63106 / Cake artist: Moira Smith

*National Register of Historic Places*


Located in the Columbus Square neighborhood, the Shrine of St. Joseph was built in 1843. Blessed in 1844, it was founded by the Jesuits to help serve the German-Americans that migrated to the Columbus Square area. The church has survived near-demolition, most recently in 1979, as the place was showing signs of decaying. It can seat up to 600 people. Masses are held there, as well as tours. The church is the only one in St. Louis designated as a site of a Vatican-authenticated miracle.

Frontal part of the building
Frontal part of the building

Shrine of St. Joseph sign

Cake placement date: February 28

Where is the cake now?: The cake sold in the biddingforgood auction for $805 on 1/1/2015.

Memories: When it was placed, the cake was in front of a fence gate, which let people open it to get a better picture.

Notes: The cake’s artist, Moira Smith, was a high school senior at the time of painting this cake. The theme was ‘St. Louis Roots’, which depicted local gardens including Citygarden and the Jewel Box.

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