The little golden stl250 cake sits on top of the Time Capsule!
The little golden stl250 cake sits on top of the Time Capsule!

Nicknamed “Goldie”, this little cake was the original prototype that was made by the folks from Chicago.

Not surprisingly, the cake has been the subject of several photo opportunities by lots of people! It is the only cake one can hold while posing with it. The little golden cake has made several appearances at events around St. Louis. Many people utilized the opportunity to get their pictures taken with it at the events and places. It made its first and only trip to Illinois (at the Emma Kunz House) in late December 2014.

goldie and reunion
The golden and the reunion cake on temporary display inside the Missouri History Museum


It was on temporary display as part of the last portion of St. Louis’ 250th birthday in 2015. The year-long exhibit, Stl250, ended its course and to save for the last cake it is placed right in front of the exhibit doors, alongside the Reunion cake. It is said to be placed in a time capsule sometime in 2015; and will be unearthed in 2064. That happens to be the year St. Louis will celebrate its 300th birthday! And not to rub it in, but that’s less than 50 years from now…

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