1896 S. New Florissant Road, Florissant, MO, 63031 / Cake artist: Courtney Veszi

*National Register of Historic Places*


One of the oldest houses in the St. Louis area is now the home of the Florissant Valley Historical Society. Dating back to the 1790s, one of the first owners was St. Louis’ first millionaire, John Mullanphy. (Mullanphy contributed so much to St. Louis, including the first hospital of the West) His heirs occupied the house for more than 160 years. It was once called ‘Walnut Grove’ by his children because of the many oak and walnut trees that once surrounded the house. The house was originally located 200 yards away from its current location. It is now on the McCluer High School campus.

The house is noted by paranormal enthusiasts as being one of the most haunted places in the St. Louis area.

Close look at the house...
Close look at the house…
A look at the ol' house, with the cake in front!
A look at the ol’ house, with the cake in front!

Cake placement date: April 25

Where is the cake now?: The cake stood outside throughout 2015, but its whereabouts are now unknown.   (February 2018)

Taille de Noyer on Florissant’s city website

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