You have probably seen ‘unofficial cakes’ around the St. Louis area. First, what is an ‘unofficial cake’? It is simply one that was not on the official stl250 list. It is also a cake that was not painted on the original cake mold that was used in 250+ places.

There are several businesses and places that did not get an stl250 cake in 2014. Still, that did not stop those places from being part of the celebration. Many have decided to do one out of their own heart. A lot of them happened to have their milestone birthday/anniversary in 2014! Some of the cakes have been displayed outside, some have been placed inside. Some of the cakes made short appearances. There were also cakes that were made and displayed at private residences! Most of the cakes were not made with fiberglass, like the official ones. Some were even one-dimensional (like the Arch Lawn one). These unofficial cakes were great to look at, and they took in so much creativity. There is even one with a flame that lights up!

Below is a list of places (some with notes) that have made their own ‘unofficial cake’. A lot of them are no longer available to be seen. Please note that cakes that are located at private residences were omitted. Many thanks go to Chris Davidson and others for compiling this list! Photo credits by Chris unless otherwise noted

Abiding Faith Lutheran School

The private school’s address is: 4353 Butler Hill Road, St. Louis, MO, 63128

Photo from Sharon Keeler
Photo from Sharon Keeler

Acme Printers Lithographers

This place celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2014!

Photo from Shell Steiner
Photo from Shell Steiner

Arch Lawn Cake (no longer available)

Here’s the article:

Bellerive Elementary (Parkway)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri

In addition to their official cake, there was an extra cake in sight….this one made a brief appearance, including on a parade float

This was placed inside for window viewing.
This was placed inside for window viewing.

Bonne Terre

This giant birthday cake is set up at Benham Street and Raider Road next to the electronic sign to let everyone know it’s Bonne Terre’s 150th anniversary!

Daisy Girl Scout

This cake was at a Daisy event, but it is no longer available.

Fenton Town Clipper

Photo from Bobbie Petot
Photo from Bobbie Petot

Final Destination Bar

Florissant Community Center (James Eagan)

No longer available

james eagan center cake

German Cultural Society of St. Louis

Grace’s Glendale Bus Stop

Located at Lockwood Avenue at Austin Place, this is one of many decorated bus stops in Glendale. Grace Mehan, a recent high-school grad with down-syndrome, is a rider of the 56 Metro Bus stop. Since the start of its Facebook group in 2012, it has been a wide community and online effort to show her determination for becoming an active member of society. The bus stop is decorated throughout the holidays of the year, and on October 1, 2014, a cake was placed there. It was unfortunately destroyed by weather and construction crews, but according to Grace’s mother, ‘It was fun having our own 250 cake while it lasted!’.  Grace has been featured as the Huffington Post‘s ‘Greatest Person of the Day’!

GGBS Photos courtesy of Colleen Mehan
GGBS Photos courtesy of Colleen Mehan

GGBS Happy Birthday Grace 6

Hawken House

The Hawken House is the 1857 home of the Hawken family, which manufactured rifles. There was a special event that took place in October at this historic house in Webster Groves. While it is not an official cake, it looks about 90% like its official counterparts. It was painted by Henryk Ptasiewicz, who did four official cakes.

Hawken House. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Now
Hawken House. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Now

Home Depot

Several Home Depot stores in the St. Louis area (all of them Missouri side) have made their own cakes! Locations include Brentwood, Bridgeton, Cave Springs, Kingshighway, Mid Rivers and O’Fallon (MO).

This one was at the 11215 St. Charles Rock Road location
This one was at the 11215 St. Charles Rock Road location

The Ice Cake at the Lemp Mansion

Not sure to call this a cake, but it sure looks like one! This is from the fountain outside the Lemp Mansion

ice cake at Lemp MansionImmaculate Conception Church

This was placed in January 2015, celebrating their 175th birthday this year. Located in Arnold.

immaculateconception cake
Photo from Colleen McKinney

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School

Photo from Shell Steiner
Photo from Shell Steiner
Photo from Shell Steiner
Photo from Shell Steiner

Lab School (in Kirkwood)

Mad Art Gallery/Capitalist Pig

This is located directly across the Visitors Center at the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Address: 2727 South 12th Street, St. Louis, MO

Photo from Sharon Keeler

Maryville University

Meramec College Library

This was posted on their bulletin board

Montgomery County Health Department

Located in Montgomery City, MO.

Mount Lebanon Cemetery

Located behind the Alexander/White/Mullen Funeral Home on St. Charles Rock Road (in St. Ann, Missouri), the cemetery is known for its unusual tree carvings. 43 trees were destroyed in a March 11 tornado, and artist Ryan Meyer transformed them into many works of art! Meyer sculpted its model of a ‘stl250 cake’ around Memorial Day 2014. (I do not know about the names and dates that are shown on the sides of the cake. I’m assuming they are people who are interred there)



Photos from Jason Voigt

Mount Pleasant Estates

In addition to their official one, they had another in their tasting room

The Naked Cake

This was a temporary cake painted by multi-cake artist Rich Brooks, for St. Louis’ annual Naked Bike Ride, which took place in late-July at The Grove neighborhood. The cake was later re-painted. (Some people consider this one as an official, but it was not on the stl250 list)

Rich Brooks behind his temporary masterpiece, the Naked Cake
Rich Brooks behind his temporary masterpiece, the Naked Cake

Neuwoehner High School

Rich Brooks took some time out to paint an unofficial cake for this school (in the Special School District). Along with Jennifer Stanfield, they had the students get involved in the 250th birthday celebration of St. Louis by painting a special cake. It was a silhouette of the cake cut from a 4×4 sheet of plywood, and folded in half so it can stand up. Brooks was their honored guest to help them paint the cake.

Our Savior Lutheran

A church in Fenton celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014. This one was placed inside their gym. The address is : 1500 San Simeon Way, Fenton, MO 63026

Photo from Lee Rouse
Photo from Lee Rouse

Payne-Gentry House

In addition to their official one, they had a special unofficial cake decorated for their parade float

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital

Located in Maryland Heights

ranken jordan hospital cake

Saint Norbert Catholic Church

Located on New Halls Ferry Road in Hazelwood.

St. Norberts cake

Salvation Army

This was a cake that surely fooled a lot of people! At their Hampton Ave. location


Photo from Sharon Keeler
Photo from Sharon Keeler


Schnucks (Hampton Village and House Springs)

The Schnucks company, based in St. Louis, celebrated its 75th birthday in 2014! Both cakes no longer available.

Schnucks cake at Hampton Village
Schnucks cake at Hampton Village

Special School District

Located at Town & Country.

Photo from Jennifer Patrick
Photo from Jennifer Patrick

specialschoolcake by chris1 specialschoolcake by chris2

Stephens Institute of Business (SIBA)

Possibly made by the SIBA Student Government.

Photo from Paige Miller
Photo from Paige Miller

St. Louis Activity Center

Located at Arsenal, this one actually has a glowing flame at night!

St. Louis Activity Center

St. Louis Ethical Society

Here’s a post about their cake that includes a video:    The cake has since been dismantled.

Photo from their official website (used with permission)
Photo from their official website (used with permission)

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Tire cake

Located at a gas station (between two pumps), off of old Hwy. 3 in Columbia, IL.

Tower Grove Art Camp

Webster Hills Preschool

Address is 698 W. Lockwood.

webster hills preschool

Whitecliff Park

This Crestwood park that was once a quarry made a cake out of wood. Set designer or park employee made. Summer theater is free, bring your own lawn chair!

Whitecliff Park. Thanks Patty Bausch for the pic and information!
Whitecliff Park. Thanks Patty Bausch for the pic and information!