13300 Bellefontaine Road, St. Louis, MO, 63138 / Cake artist: Screwed Arts Collective


Located just three miles from the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is this historical site that commemorates the place where a U.S. military fort once stood. In 1806, this was a notable location for the Lewis & Clark Expedition, as the explorers camped out here. From 1809-1826, this was a regional Army headquarters, which was utilized during the War of 1812. It would later be replaced by Jefferson Barracks in the area. Other expeditions to the West started here in 1819.

The park opened in 1986. At 305.6 acres, Fort Belle Fontaine Park consists of four different parts: Coldwater Creek, Belle Fontaine Spring, the Missouri River and a 50-acre prairie. It shares an entrance with the Missouri Hills Campus of Missouri Division of Youth Services.


Fort Belle Fontaine on Facebook / Official website from St. Louis Parks and Recreation page

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