30 Ramey Street, Collinsville, IL, 62234 (it is actually located close to Fairmont City) / Cake artist: Mark Swain


Said to be ‘America’s oldest city’, the land later known as Cahokia was founded in the 8th century (A.D.). It stood for centuries, but by the 1400s, it became a ghost town. In the late 1600s, the Cahokia Indians (of the Illinois Confederacy) came to this area. The land took its name from them.

The state historic site is the home of the Woodhenge and the Monk’s Mound. The mound is man-made, and contains 22 million cubic feet of dirt. Just think, if it were made of ice cream, it would be enough to feed everyone in America half a gallon! 154 steps lead you to the top of the mound where you can enjoy views of miles away (including the Arch). The Woodhenge consists of wooden posts and many other things that give visitors an idea of how the inhabitants lived 1,000 years ago. The indoor museum gives the visitors an introductory lecture through video and plenty of things that help people know what life was like in Cahokia, such as life-size models of villages.

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is one of the few World Heritage sites in the United States that is not run by the federal government. At one time, an idea was brought up in the 1930’s to make the land a national park. The idea was shot down by the government, possibly by Congress since it was during the Great Depression. But the state of Illinois has preserved it, after several decades of farming on the land by French and American settlers.

Cake is outside the interpretative center
Cake is outside the interpretative center


Cake placement date: March 15

Where is the cake now?:  The cake sat outside the visitors center until late April 2018, when its artist Mark Swain took it back to his home. He plans to refurbish the cake in the summer of 2018.  (May 2018)

Note: This was multi-cake artist Mark Swain’s first cake, and his only Illinois cake.

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