5700 North Belt West, Belleville, IL, 62226 / Cake artist: Ray Harvey


One of the biggest family places in the Metro East area is Skyview Drive In! It is the only remaining drive-in movie theater in the St. Louis area. (This does not count the one in Litchfield, IL) Usually the theater shows double-feature movies, mostly first-run and on occasion, the classics! The show starts as soon as the sun goes down. You can hear the movie by listening to a radio station only accessible in your car.

The Skyview Drive-In is open from April to October (obviously when warm weather occurs), and it is considered a great family outing. With their double-features they try to put the same genre together. The drive-in opened in 1949, and a second screen was added in 1982. In the 66 years it has been in operation, it has suffered a couple times with hazardous weather damage (tornado and wind storm).

Its cake is located behind one of its screens!
Its cake behind one of its screens!
The sign
The iconic sign

Cake placement date: February 25

Where is the cake now?: The cake is now on private property.

Skyview Drive In on Facebook / Official website

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