6 Gall Road, Columbia, IL, 62236 / Cake artist: Patricia L. Riess


The cake was in front of a former one-room school which contains the Shoemaker School Museum and One Room School Commemorative Plaza. About 75 years ago, it was common for Monroe County to have one-room schools. In fact, it had over 60 of them! This school was founded by a doctor named Hammond Shoemaker in 1867. It was used as a school until 1951, then it became a private residence for nearly four decades. The school was originally near town, but it was saved from demolition (because of the widening of IL Highway 3) and was moved to its present location.

Today, it pays tribute to those who taught at the one-room schools, as well as providing information on what to see and visit all over Monroe County.

Monroe County Welcome Center with the cake in front
Monroe County Welcome Center with the cake in front

Cake placement date:  March 18

Where is the cake now?:  The cake was temporarily removed in 2015 and, along with the Monroe County Courthouse cake, have been re-painted for their 2016 Bi-centennial celebration. Read article here. They were to be auctioned off in November 2016. It is unknown at the moment if they are still there. (April 2017)

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