100 S. Main Street, Waterloo, IL / Cake artist: Michaela Finnerty


One of two cakes in Monroe County, Illinois, this one sits at the county seat, Waterloo. The cake highlights several of its towns and villages, including Hecker, Valmeyer and Maeystown. The county, which was named after James Monroe, is known locally as ‘Little Egypt’.  Harrisonville was at one time its county seat. The Great Flood of 1993 affected many of its towns, most notably Valmeyer, which had to relocate to a higher place. In 2016, the county celebrated its bicentennial.

Monroe County Courthouse, with the cake in front
Monroe County Courthouse, with the cake in front

Cake placement date: March 18

The cake was removed sometime in 2015; both cakes that were placed in Monroe County (this one and Monroe County Welcome Center) were re-painted for the county’s Bi-centennial celebration in 2016. For more information, read these articles: Republic Times (7/13/2016) and Republic Times (6/29/2016)

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