Cake artist: Paul LaFlam


Joshua Crum glances at the cartoon/Let's Celebrate cake while it was placed in front of Clayton High School
Joshua Crum glances at the cartoon/Let’s Celebrate cake while it was placed in front of Clayton High School

Besides the little golden cake, this was the first ‘traveling cake’ from stl250. In other words, it had no permanent location. Instead, it has made many appearances around the St. Louis area, particularly at special events. Starting in September 2014, it first appeared at the Art Fair (in the Shaw neighborhood). In the last week of September, it made another showing at Clayton High School for its homecoming week. The cake has made its way to the Thomas Dunn Learning Center, AKC Museum of the Dog, Edison Theater and it made an appearance at First Night at the Grand Center.

This cake was originally going to Purina Farms, but as it turned out, there may have been two cakes headed that way. Charlie Houska’s pet-themed cake was chosen to go out there. Paul LaFlam’s original design wasn’t chosen, so he decided to re-paint it. Here’s his take on the cake:

“Here is the story of The Cartoon cake. Some of it is fictional, some is not.

The Cartoon cake is a repaint, so I decided that since it was not dedicated to a specific spot I would go with a fun format for the cake, that led to the celebration theme. I officially titled the cake, “Let’s Celebrate”

The following could be and most certainly is pure fiction. I sent out a call for anyone that had a fun attitude, people would recognize and wanted to be portrayed on a public expression of Art. Soon after I received a call from someone that said they were an actor and wanted to help me acquire prominent figures of television history to participate in the celebration of our 250th year birthday festivities, he informed me that his name was Rocky.

During a lengthy conversation with me, he relayed to me that he had a lot of friends that would love to be portrayed on the cake and kept insisting that he had a lot of “Friends” After we’re into our conversation for a while I’m thinking, Rocky and Friends, where do I know that from, however that train of thought soon dissipated during our conversation With his personable attitude and the fact he informed me that if needed he could “fly in” if needed for a face to face meeting, I told him that wasn’t necessary. He guaranteed me that he would influence his friends and have them get in contact with me. The response was overwhelming, after numerous phone calls I saw that things were getting out of hand and I had to start declining requests, someone named Mickey and Minnie were very disappointed .

As to the cat with red stripes, he was very mysterious,, hangs out in France and spoke very little English and I know maybe 10 words in French, that made for an interesting conversation. I agreed to include him on the cake. I think he won an Academy Award or something.”

The cake sold for $815 on 1/1/2015.

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