602 Fulton St., Belleville, IL, 62220 / Cake artist: David Ottinger


The Emma Kunz House was built in 1851 by Conrad Borman, a local brick contractor. (Some sources say it was built in 1830) It is noted to be the earliest dated Greek Revival house in Belleville and possibly in Illinois. The house was originally located on Washington Street in Belleville but in 1972 it was moved to its current location. It did not have a front yard, which was typical European-style at that time. Because of its historical significance, it was saved from demolition by the St. Clair Historical Society. Emma Kunz’ family lived in it for 80 years, with Emma living in it for 77 years of her life. She was the last resident of that house. Tours are usually done by appointment only.

The house with the cake in front!
The house with the cake in front!

Cake placement date: March 5

Where is the cake now?: It still sits outside the house. The St. Clair Historical Society has said they will keep the cake, with possibly putting it inside.   (April 2017)

Official website (from the St. Clair Historical Society)

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