Welcome to St. Louis 250 Cake Lovers! As said in the title, ‘It’s All About the Cakes!’. This website is to keep everyone informed about the stl250 cakes, locations and artists, as well as the products that we will be selling to help promote the 250th birthday of the city of St. Louis!

STL250 ended in early 2015, and so the torch has been passed down to us – the Cakelovers. (We also prefer to call it ‘Beyond stl250’) We have been excited to continue the caking fever since then, even though most of the cakes are no longer to be publicly seen. Over a dozen cakes have been preserved and displayed throughout local St. Louis businesses (see Cake Status above).

We have also tried to keep track of where the cakes have been since the beginning of 2015. Many special thanks go to several cakers, especially Chris Davidson who has kept such a close eye, and who has called many of the places.


Our products:

We have postcards of ALL the official stl250 cakes, along with coloring book pages (with crayons) for kids and the artwork of cake artists Mark Swain and Rich Brooks! They will be made available soon through this website. Stay tuned. Please check the posts for updates about the cakes as well as certain events around the area. We have sold many of our products and we are looking forward to help serve your cake needs!

We now have a set of 253 postcards, now for just $75. Please contact us to place your order!

And lastly, happy caking and happy cake-hunting!


For more information be sure to contact Francine at STL250cake@yahoo.com.