100 Main Street, Hardin, IL, 62047 / Cake artist: Lindsay Harmon


The most northerly of all of the cakes is in the town of Hardin, which is the county seat of Calhoun County, Illinois. The cake was actually located at the William C. Horman Memorial Park, which lies on the Illinois River. Hardin was originally known as Childs Landing, after Benjamin Childs, who first settled there. Calhoun County, which calls itself the ‘least crowded county’ in Illinois, was organized in 1825 and named after then-U.S. Vice President John C. Calhoun. It is a 37-mile long peninsula that is mostly surrounded by water. Three ferries can take you to Calhoun County for those traveling from south, west and east. Many people travel here all-year round to experience bird watching as well as the views of the rivers. Several peach orchards are found all over the county; in fact, Calhoun County produces one-third of Illinois’ peach crop.

Drawbridge in Hardin IL
The famous drawbridge (Joe Page Bridge) that is the only connection between Jersey and Greene Counties.
William C. Horman Memorial Park, where the cake was located

Cake placement date: April 20

Where is the cake now?: The cake is still in Hardin; however, it has been moved to the grounds of the Calhoun Historical Society’s new location there. Address is 204 N. County Road; it is near a 4-way stop. (February 2020)


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