101 East 3rd Street, Alton, IL, 62002 / Cake artist: Screwed Arts Collective


Alton is one of three Illinois cities to have five or more cakes within its area. The city was founded in 1818 (same year Illinois became a state) by Rufus Easton as a river town. Its no wonder Alton’s nickname is the ‘Riverbend’! Alton has such a rich history, including the legend of the Piasa Bird, and it is believed that one of the first Civil War battles was fought in the city. It was sparked by anti-slavery printer Elijah Lovejoy, who has a monument and cemetery named after him in Alton.

Throughout the 20th century to today, Alton has been a manufacturing city and working-class place, with many factories. In 1954, Alton was one of three cities selected for the site of the United States Air Force. A little town called Colorado Springs got it instead, and the town grew to become Colorado’s 2nd largest city. Alton is also one of the ‘Top 10 Haunted Places in America’, as noted by paranormal enthusiasts. Ghost tours are held in the Fall at certain places.

Alton City Hall
Alton City Hall
Inside Alton City Hall
Inside the welcoming staircase of Alton City Hall

Cake placement date: February 25

Where is the cake now?: The cake was removed sometime in early 2015, and it was donated to the Friends of Haskell House. It was re-painted into an old-fashioned like cake (similar to Chatillon-Deminil mansion) with Lucy Jane Haskell’s initials. The cake is not in public view, with the exception of being displayed at certain events (private and public).

Memories: This started out as an indoor cake. It was moved outdoors in July.

City of Alton Official website

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