850 Fairfax Street, Carlyle, IL, 62231 / Cake artist: Paul LaFlam


The sole cake that represents Clinton County in Illinois is located at its county seat, Carlyle. Clinton County was organized in 1824 out of Washington, Fayette and Bond Counties. The county is named in honor of the 7th Governor of New York, DeWitt Clinton, who helped build the Erie Canal. Carlyle is well-known for having Illinois’ largest man-made lake, as it is a popular summer weekend destination for metro-east St. Louisans. Clinton County has several towns and villages, many of them which started as German settlements. Excel Bottling Company is located in Breese, as it is extremely well-known in that area because of it making Ski soda. Several independent soda/ice-cream/restaurants sell Ski in several different ways.

Clinton County Courthouse with the cake
Clinton County Courthouse with the cake
A special memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives in all of the major wars in the last century

Cake placement date:  March 27

Where is the cake now?:  The cake stayed outside the courthouse until the summer of 2015; it is now on private property.

Memories:  Along with the Greenville Public Library, this was the farthest east of all of the cakes in 2014.

Clinton County’s official website

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