Blue Owl     (re-painted from original cake)

In 2015, the Blue Owl Restaurant and Bakery in Kimmswick celebrated its 30th birthday. Their original cake had been out until late August of that year when it was re-painted. The newly re-painted cake was still painted in blue and white but featured several new designs, pictures and logos. The stl250 part was defaced. It is still sitting outside the Blue Owl as of April 2017.

Children’s Dyslexia Center of Belleville   (formerly the Victorian Home Museum cake)

This cake was donated by the museum to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Children’s Dyslexia Center, which is located next to the Scottish Rite (address is 1549 Frank Scott Parkway West, Belleville, IL, 62223). One of the school’s employees painted the cake. The stl250 part was defaced. The cake was moved to the property in the Fall of 2016, and it was announced on the St. Clair County Historical Society’s page (in a post dated on 1/13/2017) that it was intended to redecorate the cake and use it for a fundraiser. It is on display inside the center, and it is suggested to call ahead to see it at (618) 235-9392.

Co-exist    (formerly the Off Broadway cake)

This cake was painted by Mark Swain starting in April 2017 and a month after it was placed temporarily inside the Thomas Dunn Learning Center. It is now on the campus of Webster University, on Garden Avenue.

Photo courtesy of Mark Swain

Friends of Haskell House cakes   (formerly the Alton City Hall and Piasa Bird cakes)

These cakes were once placed at Alton City Hall and Piasa Bird. They were donated to the Alton-based group, Friends of Haskell House. Read article here.

Ghostbusters cake    (formerly the Centene Corporation cake)

This was formerly the Centene Corporation cake, which was saved from damage by caker Jon Sanfilippo. For more information, check out the blog post:

Holiday Shores Ski Club  (formerly the Madison County Courthouse cake)

This cake was the Madison County Courthouse cake (Edwardsville) and was donated to the Holiday Shores Ski Club sometime in early 2015. It was displayed to the public for the first time during its July 4th festivities of that year. 2015 was the year the club (and the unincorporated Illinois community) celebrated its 50th birthday.

Missouri Native American cake   (formerly the First Missouri State Capitol cake)

The Cakelovers decided to do a pre-stl250 cake (before 1764) by painting a cake that highlights the Native American history, heritage and culture in the area. It was done by Mark Swain, the multi-cake artist who is a member of the AhNiYunWiYa tribe. The First Missouri State Capitol cake, which was in the possession of the Cakelovers and on public display in Maplewood, was showing heavy signs of wear.

The cake has made several appearances around the area to date, starting with the Let Them Eat Art! event in Maplewood, as well as being displayed inside Carondelet Library in late 2016. It was also displayed on Cherokee St.

Missouri School for the Blind   (formerly the Green Center cake)

The former Green Center cake was purchased by caker Chris Davidson and re-painted for the Missouri School for the Blind. It began in 1860, and it continues to serve students from kindergarden to 12th grade. The school is the first of its kind to adopt the Braille system in America. Located at 3815 Magnolia Ave. (near Tower Grove park and Grand), St. Louis, MO. Installed in 2015.

Monroe County Courthouse

Monroe County Welcome Center

Mount Pleasant Estates    (repainted from original cake)

The winery decided to re-paint their cake in September of 2016, making it into a wedding theme!

A look at its sides

Novel Neighbor cake      (formerly the Six Flags cake)

You can read about it here.

Front of the cake

Saturday Morning Cartoon cake   (formerly the Centennial Greenway cake)

Multi-cake artist Mark Swain paid homage to his favorite cartoon characters when he re-painted his Centennial Greenway/KATY Trail cake (which was purchased by Cakelovers). It was displayed inside the R Space Gallery, which is located on 1704 South Broadway in St. Louis (Soulard neighborhood). The cake has been placed temporarily outside South City Art Supply (1926 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO).

Front side