1465 South Grand, St. Louis, MO, 63104 / Cake artist: Rich Brooks / Cake sponsored by FabickCAT


The medical center opened in May 1956 and is a member of SSM Health Care. It was named after the Archbishop of St. Louis, John Cardinal Glennon (served from 1903 to 1946). The center is home to the St. Louis Poison Center, the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank and numerous pediatric programs. In 2002, it became the first hospital in the country to win the Malcolm Balridge National Quality Award. Cardinal Glennon has been partnered with FabickCAT (the cake’s sponsor) for many years. FabickCAT was founded by John Fabick in 1917 and has been a tractor company since that time.

In 2016, SSM Cardinal Glennon celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Entrance, with the cake in front
Entrance, with the cake in front
The sign off of Grand
The sign off of Grand

Cake placement date: March 20

Where is the cake now?: The cake continued to sit outside the place until sometime during Spring 2015; it has since moved to its cafeteria (limited public access).  (February 2018)

Rich Brooks, the cake’s artist, on painting the cake: “It was absolutely one of my favorite takes to paint. I had a challenge to represent Cardinal Glennon Hospital and how they help so many children. Their foxy little mascot jumping out of his cute little tree was a fun little character. I made this cake particularly for children. It was for adults to admire and for donors to realize that their funds were being put to good use as they built the hospital. I used big people toys, tractors, bulldozers and caterpillars in the sandbox with special young drivers pushing, shoving, lifting sand in the box. There were youthful doctors and nurses on the cake also represented by taking a temperature and showing a fun x-ray of a patient. I tried to put a childlike spirit into the serious business of saving lives.”

Here is a video of the unveiling of the cake (courtesy of ksdk.com)

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