100 North Third Street, St. Charles, MO, 63301 / Cake artist: Zach Farmer


St. Charles County’s original courthouse was first built at the corner of Madison and Main Streets in St. Charles. In 1876, it was damaged by a tornado, prompting local government leaders to move it to a new location. The then-new courthouse started to be built in 1900, cornerstone laid out the following year, but in 1903 was put on hold because of flooding from the Missouri River. The land on which it was built was called ‘Clerks Hill’ as there were two government clerks offices atop the hill. Several historical markers are found outside the building. Most notably are some plaques surrounding the statue of St. Carlos Borromeo, which detail how St. Charles and the county developed.

Statue of Saint Carlos (or Charles) Borromeo, the county and city's namesake
Statue of Saint Carlos (or Charles) Borromeo, the county and city’s namesake


Cake placement date: March 7

Where is the cake now?: The cake was removed sometime in 2015; its whereabouts are unknown.  (February 2018)

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