307 Pinetum Loop Road, Gray Summit, MO, 63069 / Cake artist: Elaine Taylor


Formerly known as the Shaw Arboretum, the Shaw Nature Reserve was founded in 1925 to protect the plants that were in the collections of the Missouri Botanical Garden, because of city pollution and smog. More than 14 walking trails are in the reserve, and many things to do (besides exploring nature) include taking photos, playing in the creek and even skiing. Also featured at the reserve are historic homes, including the Joseph H. Bascom House, and a large wetland blind featuring herons, which are man-eating carnivorous birds. The reserve was recognized by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Environmental Education Landmark in 1972.

Cake in front of the visitors center
Cake in front of the visitors center

Cake placement date: February 25

Where is the cake now?: The cake is now on private property.

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