follow 200 South Main St., St. Charles, MO, 63301 / Cake artist: Lindsay Harmon St. Charles was the first capital of Missouri from 1821 to 1826. But it was intended as a temporary capital. Missouri lawmakers at the time wanted to make an area somewhere in the central part of the state. They also wanted the future city located off the Missouri River, and have it named after Thomas Jefferson. Today, the area is Jefferson City, which of course, is the capital of Missouri. The old building is to represent what life was like in the 1800s, as well as its architecture. First floor was used as a store, while the second floor was for the government.

The cake outside the building
The cake outside the building

watch go site Cake placement date: February 24 follow url Where is the cake now?: It is has been re-painted by cake artist Mark Swain into the Missouri Native American cake (see ‘Repainted-cakes‘). The cake was donated to the Cakelovers and has taken part of the Cakewalk display throughout 2015, making an appearance at Michael Kilfoy’s StudioX in Maplewood.

follow url Official website (from MO’s State Parks site)

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