3100 Bell Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63106 / Cake artist: Jennifer Weigel


There are many First Baptist Churches around the St. Louis area, but the one at the corner of Bell and Cardinal Avenues has so much history to it. It was founded as the first African-American Baptist church in 1817, where a majority of the congregation were slaves. In addition, it was the first Protestant church organized for African-Americans. The church was first organized by two Baptist missionaries: John Mason Peck and John Berry Meachum. This First Baptist Church has been through four locations, as it was placed in its current location in 1917. It burned down in 1940 but was reconstructed on the same site within 13 months.

The church with the cake in front
The church with the cake in front

Cake placement date: July 4

Where is the cake now?: The cake stayed until sometime in the Spring of 2015. Its whereabouts are unknown.

Memories: This was originally a ‘roving cake’, and it appeared at the first Cake-hunters picnic in late June.

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