801 Seminary Pl, St. Louis, MO, 63105 / Cake artist: Janice Schoultz-Mudd


Concordia Seminary is the second oldest Lutheran seminary in the United States (the oldest is in Gettysburg, PA, dedicated in 1826). It was founded in 1839, and it celebrated its 175th anniversary in 2014. Originally located in Perry County, MO (south of St. Louis), it was moved to St. Louis/Clayton in 1849. The seminary offers an array of advanced master degree programs, such as the Master of Divinity. A statue of Martin Luther is on the site, which is similar to the one in Worms, Germany.

Concordia Seminary sign


Celebrating the cake's unveiling (3/28/2014)! Photo from Kim Marnatti-Braddy
Celebrating the cake’s unveiling (3/28/2014)! Photo from Kim Marnatti-Braddy

Cake placement date: March 28

Where is the cake now?:¬† Unknown. The cake’s whereabouts are a mystery. It was seen in 2017. (September 2019)

Notes: Here is an article posted from their website about the cake.

Concordia Seminary on Facebook / Official website

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