7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood, MO, 63143 / Cake artist: Ryan D. Frank


St. Louis may be home to Anheuser-Busch, but as far as craft beers this is the closest to king! Schlafly Bottleworks pays a tribute to the micro-brewing scene. There you will find a restaurant, miniature museum, bar, venue and of course, the brewery part. In the summer, live music happens here too. The brewery is currently housed in a former Shop ‘n Save supermarket location. Also known as The Saint Louis Brewery, the beers are sold under the Schlafly brand. It was founded in 1989, by Dan Kopman and Tom Schlafly. (Schlafly, an attorney, is the nephew of political activist Phyllis Schlafly) According to their website, Schlafly is the first new brewery in St. Louis since the Prohibition era. Its beers have been sold in various parts of the Midwest. Specialty beers include over 25 seasonal ones. Tours are free!

The front of the brewery
The front of the brewery
Grains, hops.....
Grains, hops…..

Cake placement date: February 25

Where is the cake now?: The cake made its last appearance there on January 24, 2015, as it is now on private property.

Memories: The cake was originally placed by the outdoor patio, but during the summer it moved closer to the road where people pulled into the parking lot.

Schlafly Bottleworks on Facebook / Official website

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