source link 3352 DeMenil Place, St. Louis, MO, 63118 / Cake artist: April Morrison

levitra without prescription houston texas *National Register of Historic Places*  

follow site The Chatillon-DeMinil Mansion is a symbol of Greek Revival style in St. Louis. Henry Chatillon, a famed hunter, built the original section of the building and lived here (along with his second wife) in 1849. It wasn’t until 1863 when the DeMinil family gave it a more ‘Greek Revival’ look by making it into a mansion. Their son, Alexander, and his extended family lived here until his death in 1928. Museum houses several artifacts, all related to St. Louis and its culture, from its origins, the families that lived there to the interstate highway that nearly destroyed the mansion. The largest collection of 1904 World’s Fair memorabilia on public display is shown in two rooms. Weddings are also performed here as well.

The mansion
The mansion
The cake sitting in front in the courtyard!
The cake sitting in front in the courtyard! Cake placement date:  February 21  (stl250 website said 2/12 but we know that’s not possible…)

follow link Where is the cake now?:  The cake currently sits not far from where it sat, but behind a small building by the mansion. It is accessible to the public during the museum’s opening hours.  (October 2017)

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