7700 Forsyth Blvd., Clayton, MO, 63105 / Cake artist: Rich Brooks


Founded in 1984, Centene serves as a leader in the healthcare industry. In addition to Missouri, it operates in 18 other states (which were shown on all sides of the cake). In fact, it owns the rights to Centene Stadium in Great Falls, Montana. Centene is a founding member of the Regional Business Council. Nationally known chef Gerard Craft owns two restaurants on the street level adjacent to Centene’s headquarters.


Cake placement date: March 17

Where is the cake now?:  It was re-painted by a caker, Jon Sanfilippo, and was transformed into a Ghostbusters-themed cake.  (see “Unofficial page”)

Rich Brooks, its artist, on painting the cake: ‘The Centene Cake was fun to paint. It was a fun playful little masterpiece. I thought of when I was a child and how in school we cut paper dolls holding hand-in-hand. So I cut a pattern and wrapped the cake and paper dolls, Male and female dolls in bright yellow paint. They were on s wonderful blue and red set of dots an undulating background where hearts sporadically placed. On the base nineteen silhouettes of the states were, represented where the Corporation offers healthcare. Thirty years of service,they were having a celebration and the cake help inspire how they help people throughout the United States.’

Centene Corporation on FacebookOfficial website

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