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The St. Louis Walk of Fame began as a vision of Joe Edwards, inspired by Hollywood’s. In 1989, the St. Louis WOF was born and ten personalities were inducted. Chuck Berry, James Eads, Scott Joplin and Stan Musial were among the first inducted. Many more were inducted within the next few years. Starting in 1994, no more than three were inducted in a year. Today, there are at least 135 people and groups that have a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. The inductees are selected by a panel of 120 people, most of them people who work for St. Louis colleges and universities.

Eligibility for a WOF star is basically someone who has garnered national and/or international achievement(s). The person doesn’t necessarily have to be born and raised in St. Louis, but at least some strong connection with the city. One example of this is the late Harold Ramis. Many people from all different professions and such are found on the Walk of Fame, such as sports, music, science, etc.

The cake, placed next to the Chuck Berry Statue and the Centennial Greenway stop!
The cake, placed next to the Chuck Berry Statue and the Centennial Greenway stop!
John Goodman's star on the Walk of Fame (in front of Blueberry Hill)
John Goodman’s star on the Walk of Fame (in front of Blueberry Hill)

Cake placement date: February 21

Where is the cake now?: The cake stayed out by the Chuck Berry Statue until 9/15/2015, when it was removed. The cake was donated to the Cakelovers by Joe Edwards for various reasons, mainly because shortly after taking it, crews were going to start working on the trolley rail on that side of the street and it would have affected cake traffic. We (as in the Cakelovers) hope to see the cake get re-painted and hope to display it in the future, but it is now on private property at the moment.    (February 2018)

Notes: The cake’s artist, Gina Harmon, featured several names of famous St. Louisans (with and without a star): Akon, Maya Angelou, Scott Bakula, Robert Ballwin, Fontella Bass, Mel Bay, Joe Bess, Linda Blair, Lottie Briscoe, Jim Byrnes, Kate Capshaw, Mickey Carroll, Nell Carter, Bill Chott, Sarah Clarke, Bert Convy, Miles Davis, Tim, Dunigan, Robert Duvall, Buddy Ebsen, T.S. Eliot, Mary Englebreit, Max Factor, Jenna Fischer, Redd Foxx, Mary Frann, Conrad Goode, John Goodman, Betty Grable, Moses Gunn, Jon Hamm, Ellie Kemper, Kevin Kline, Cedric Kyles, Jenifer Lewis, Marsha Mason, Bill Mauldin, Virginia Mayo, Marianne Moore, Agnes Moorhead, Kevin Nealon, Nelly, Stone Phillips, Brad Pitt, Vincent Price, Harold Ramis, Ola Ray, Doris Roberts, Guy Torry, Ike Turner, Tina Turner, Jack Wagner, Violet Wilkey

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