10010 Kennerly Road, St. Louis, MO, 63128 / Cake artist: Megan Rieke


St. Anthony’s Medical Center is the third-largest medical center in St. Louis. Named after St. Anthony of Padua, who was inspired by Christ with healing ministry. The first St. Anthony’s hospital was opened by the Franciscan Sisters of Germany in 1900. Its original location was off of Grand and Chippewa; its present location was opened in 1975. The medical center has been given several accolades (according to its Facebook page).

St. Anthony's Medical Center sign

The entrance, where the cake was (seen to the far left)
The entrance, where the cake was (seen to the far left)

Cake placement date: February 21

Where is the cake now?: The cake was moved into storage in early January 2015 and in late February the cake was brought back into public view. Only this time it was redone for the hospital’s 40th anniversary at that location. The cake was re-painted all over, and the stl250 part was not visible as it was believed to have been sanded off. (Please see ‘Repainted cakes‘)  It was later removed, and its whereabouts are unknown  (February 2018)

St. Anthony’s Medical Center on Facebook / Official website

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