1200 Market Street, St. Louis, MO, 63103 / Cake artist: Ashley Wenzel


St. Louis City Hall goes back as early as 1808, when city leaders and officials met wherever they could, be it at people’s homes or churches. This was until 1827 when it was decided by vote to build St. Louis’ first-ever City Hall. At one time, the Old Courthouse was used as a City Hall after a fire destroyed the second building in 1856. The present City Hall is the fourth one, which was designed by the St. Joseph architectural firm, Eckel & Mann. The three previous city halls were closer to the riverfront in downtown. Construction for City Hall began in 1898, and by 1904 (just in time for the World’s Fair and Summer Olympics) it opened. City Hall is modeled after Hotel de Ville in Paris, France.

The cake, sitting right in front of the entrance!
The cake, sitting right in front of the entrance!

Cake placement date: This was the very first stl250 cake placed (2/21/2014).

Where is the cake now?: The cake still sits outside City Hall, only this time by the light pole.   (February 2018)

City of St. Louis website

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