900 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63101 / Cake artist: Dan Martin


St. Louis’ iconic newspaper is one of the largest daily newspapers in circulation in the Midwest. Founded in 1878 by Joseph Pulitzer; two generations of Pulitzers ran the paper, years after Joseph’s death in 1911. Newspapers before the Post-Dispatch were the St. Louis Dispatch (founded 15 years before) and the St. Louis Post, which was only 3 years old. They were merged when the two went bankrupt. Previous locations of the Post-Dispatch include 111 North Broadway (1878-1882) and 513-515 Market Street (1882-1888). It was also at one time located on Olive Street (listed on the National Register of Historic Places). Originally an afternoon newspaper, it switched to morning format in 1984. Its online counterpart, stltoday.com, was launched in the early 2000s. Popular columnists include Bill McClellan, Bernie Miklasz (sports) and Kevin Johnson (music/life). Longtime sports columnist Bryan Burwell passed away in December 2014.

The weatherbird, featured on the cake, is the oldest, continuing cartoon in the United States. It is usually shown on the bottom of the front page with the weather forecast. It debuted on February 11, 1901 by Harry Martin. Albert Schweitzer first drew the bird in color in 1981. The cake’s artist, Dan Martin (assistant art editor for the P-D) has drawn the Weatherbird since 1986.

Where all the news gets done!
Where all the news gets done!
You'll most likely see these around town!
You’ll most likely see these around town!

Cake placement date: February 24

Where is the cake now?: In January 2015, the cake was placed inside and is still in public view (in their lobby), as the P-D is still proud of their cake!   (February 2018)

Notes:  As said above, the cake was painted by Dan Martin. Since 1986, Martin has been the cartoonist behind the Weatherbird (the sixth overall since 1901!).

Post-Dispatch cake indoors

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