4248 Cottage Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63113 / Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins


Sumner High School was established in 1875, as the first high school for African-Americans west of the Mississippi River. It was one of two schools (other being Vashon) that was racially segregated in St. Louis. In 1928, Sumner moved to its current location. Today, classes are still in session…and last year’s (2012-13) enrollment was 576 students. The school was named after abolitionist Charles Sumner.

The base of the cake features names of notable alumni: William ‘Pop’ Beckett, Lester Bowie, Alvin Cash, William Clay, Billy Davis, Jr., Robert Guillaume, Luther Bogan, Robert McFerrin (Sr.), Marshall Rogers, R. Robinson, Jr., Wendell Pruitt, Oliver Lake, Julius Hunter, Lucye Belue, Baikida Carroll and Harry Rogers

The cake as it sits in front of the school's entrance!
The cake as it sits in front of the school’s entrance!

Cake placement date: February 28

Where is the cake now?: The cake still sits outside the school.  (September 2019)

Notes: Alumni pictured on the cake: Tina Turner, Dick Gregory, Charles Hayes, Margaret Bush Wilson, Chuck Berry, Ethel Hedgemon Lyle, Grace Bumbry and Arthur Ashe

Memories: The cake was originally an indoor cake, but when summer vacation started it was moved outdoors.

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The cake, August 2017

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