6726 Chippewa Street, St. Louis, MO, 63109 / Cake artist: Mary Hessler


Ted Drewes to St. Louis is what cheese steak sandwiches are to Philadelphia, or deep-dish pizza to Chicago! A St. Louis icon, it is often said that one is a true St. Louisan if they take their out-of-town friends and relatives to Ted Drewes. It is Ted Drewes and many other ice cream stands help make St. Louis one of the top cities for frozen custard! However, it all started in Florida. Ted Drewes (Sr.) started selling his custard at a carnival near St. Petersburg, Florida in 1929. A year later, he moved and took up shop in St. Louis. And they say, the rest is history. His son continues to run the places, which are two stores (one located off Chippewa, other off of South Grand). In addition to ice cream and treats, Ted Drewes also sells holiday trees in season, where they are grown in Nova Scotia, Canada (the Drewes family owns land there).

The cake as it sits on the sidewalk!
The cake as it sits on the sidewalk!
Classic sign
Classic sign

Ted Drewes place

Cake placement date: March 6

Where is the cake now?: The cake, which suffered much wear and tear being placed in an eating area, is now on private property as it is now in the possession of a caker who helped repair the damage done to the cake that summer.

Notes: It is widely known that Ted Drewes rejected their cake at first. Although categorized as a ‘public vote winner’, the general manager of Ted Drewes did not think there would be room for the cake. Stl250 director Erin Budde mentioned this while being interviewed on KMOX, and several listeners chimed in, questioning the situation. The people spoke, and Ted Drewes was able to put their cake out at the Chippewa location!

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