6303 Michigan Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63111 / Cake artist: April Morrison


The Carondelet Historical Society makes its home at the place where the first publicly funded kindergarten in the United States was (at Des Peres School). The ‘mother of kindergarten’ Susan Blow, who was born in St. Louis (in the Carondelet part), lived in several different places, served as U.S. minister to Brazil and went to Europe to learn about ways to study philosophy. While there, she met Friedrich Frobel, who in Germany shared his ideas about children ‘learning through play’ and other methods about kindergarten. In 1873, Blow returned to St. Louis and opened her first kindergarten class. It proved to be a success, and by 1883 every school in St. Louis had kindergarten classes. It would spread around the United States. The building was closed as a school during the Great Depression; it is currently in the process of restoration to its 1870s-style.

Carondelet started out as a settlement in 1767 by French settler Clement Delor de Treget, and by 1851 it became an independent city. In 1870, Carondelet was annexed by the city of St. Louis.

The old building with the cake in front!
The old building with the cake in front!

Cake placement date: March 12

Where is the cake now?:  It now sits in the Carondelet neighborhood, by the Clark Terry mural (don’t know which building at the moment), but it is located on South Broadway. The cake was removed from its original location in 2015. It was placed at ReSource Real Estate for a while.  (May 2017)

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