736 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO, 63102 / Cake artist: Gina Harmon


One of the most popular Cajun/Creole eateries/nightclubs in the area is housed in one of the oldest buildings still standing in St. Louis (built in 1843). Its mission is to celebrate the style and traditions of New Orleans; in fact, one of the items they serve on their menu is fried alligator. In 1979, Broadway Oyster Bar opened its doors, and since then it has become a popular nightspot, especially after sports games. Live music is featured there every night. The restaurant includes an open-air patio, plus several pieces of art decor on the walls (inside and outside).

According to Sauce magazine (July 2014), the restaurant will be expanded with more seating capacity and new kitchens, as well as an oyster-shucking station that guests can view.

The cake as it sits in front of Broadway Oyster Bar!
The cake as it sat in front of Broadway Oyster Bar!
Side of the building
Side of the building

Cake placement date: February 21

Where is the cake now?: The cake was removed in 2015. Its whereabouts are unknown.  (May 2018)

Gina Harmon, the cake’s artist, on painting the cake:  “I spent the day with the owners of the Oyster Bar. We took many pictures and then they decided what has special meaning to them. The swirls actually are about an artist in New Orleans who paints in swirls and he is a friend of theirs. The lights at the top can be found in the Oyster Bar requested by John the owner. Of course the music figures and all the signs can be found inside. The cracked 250 stands for all the mirror glass that can be found on the walls. And last but not least their logo. The Oyster Bar is a fabulous place to dine and listen to great music. Tell them Gina sent you………..ha I also painted the base of bricks. This cake took over 3 weeks to paint and it was a JOY!!!!!!”.

Broadway Oyster Bar on Facebook / Official website

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