best prices on levitra in florids 2001 East Grand, St. Louis, MO, 63107 / Cake artist: Gina Harmon  

go to link In the northern part of the city lies the oldest water tower standing in St. Louis. The Grand Avenue water tower was built by architect George Barnett in 1871. It had quite a short life as it was used for fighting fires and providing water supply. There was a 5 feet standpipe as well as spiral staircase inside the tower; those have both been removed. In 1912, the tower was decommissioned. After that time, the tower was used by putting beacons on top of the tower as navigational aids for Lambert airport. Legend has it that Charles Lindbergh found the tower very useful as he was trying to land in foggy weather. The tower has been saved numerous times from demolition. It wasn’t until 1998 that the tower was lit with floodlights and restored. Standing at 154 feet tall, it is also called the ‘Old White’ Water Tower. This is only one of seven historic standpipe water towers left in the United States. Three of them are in St. Louis: Grand Avenue, Bissell and Compton Hill.

The water tower with the cake in front!
The water tower with the cake in front! go Cake placement date: February 27

viagra generico 100 mg online prezzo piu basso a Verona follow url Where is the cake now?:  On private property, but may make public appearances. Story: the cake was still out in early 2015, but after a moderate snowfall hit the area in mid-February, that was the end of this cake, or so it appears. It was seen on 2/20/2015 (nearly a year before it was placed) in several pieces, as it was believed to be hit by a snow plowing vehicle. The cake itself was in a vulnerable location as it was known for its close proximity to the main road, although it was a turnabout. It was retrieved by Jon Sanfilippo, who plans to make it into an Iron Man-themed cake that will be displayed at future events. (Jon rescued the Centene Corporation cake and made it into a Gateway Ghostbusters cake)

Photo from Joe M. Garavaglia
Photo from Joe M. Garavaglia

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