360 North Boyle, St. Louis, MO, 63108 / Cake artist: Alison Rieke


Placed in a century-old building, the Gaslight Theater serves as the home of the St. Louis Actor’s Studio. It shares the same building with the West End Pub & Grill. The theater has 97 seats. In addition to the SLAS, the place is also used for renting out to comedy, burlesque, theater and music organizations. It is one of the places that helps bring back the magic that Gaslight Square brought.

The cake spotlights many restaurants and bars that dominated the once-vibrant Gaslight Square: O’Connell’s Pub, The Crystal Palace, Smokey Joe’s, The Three Fountains and The Laughing Buddha.

Gaslight Theater with the cake in front!
Gaslight Theater with the cake in front!

Cake placement date: May 8

Where is the cake now?:  The cake continued to sit outside the bar until sometime in 2017, until it mysteriously disappeared. According to a caker, the employees of the theater reported the cake stolen.   (May 2017)

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