15 South Church, Union, MO, 63084 / Cake artist: Paul LaFlam


Franklin County, Missouri, established in 1818, was named after Benjamin Franklin. It is one of the largest counties (by size) in Missouri. The city of Union was established in 1825 and the court was met for the first time two years after. Franklin County has had four courthouses. The current one was built in 1923, as it replaced a log-cabin type of building that was built in 1849. In 1969, the courthouse was robbed as the criminals bombed parts of the place; it was renovated the following year.

You can come sit with me if you want, I don't mind...I got cake too!
You can come sit with me if you want, I don’t mind…I got cake too!

Cake placement date: April 11

Where is the cake now?: The cake stayed out throughout 2015, but is no longer outside. Its whereabouts are unknown.  (April 2017)

Franklin County’s Official website

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