516 S. Kirkwood Road, St. Louis, MO, 63122 (it is actually located near Kirkwood) / Cake artist: Jeffrey Arnold


Since its inception in 1979, the Magic House has gained national attention for being America’s top children museums. The house it sits in was built in 1901 and belonged to George Lane Edwards and his family, who were part of the A.G. Edwards business in St. Louis. It grew from a 5,500 square ft house to 55,000 over time, and the numerous sections that have been added include the porch (which houses the cake), and some kids play areas. Perhaps its most famous exhibit (as shown in its advertisements over the years), is the electro-static generator, which after touched for a long time, your hair stands up!


A frontal corner view of the Magic House...can you see the cake?
A frontal corner view of the Magic House…can you see the cake?

Cake placement date: February 21

Where is the cake now?: The cake is now in storage.

The Magic House on Facebook / Official website

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