get link 6900 Forsyth Boulevard, St. Louis, MO, 63105 / Cake artist: April Morrison

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follow link In addition to hosting the World’s Fair, St. Louis was also holding the 1904 Summer Olympics, having been the first city in the Western hemisphere to do so. 1904 is also the same year that Francis Field opened, making it one of the oldest sports venues on the west side of the Mississippi that is still being used. It is named for high-profile St. Louis politician David R. Francis, who served as president of the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expedition. Francis Field is part of the campus of Washington University, and it is used for football, track, and many other outdoor sports. Up until 1984, it seated 19,000; today it seats 4,000. The professional soccer team, The St. Louis Stars, once played here in the 1960s.

View of the field
View of the field
The gates of Francis Field!
The gates of Francis Field! Cake placement date: February 26

get link buy viagra now Where is the cake now?: The cake stood there by the gate until late January, and it has been part of the Cakewalk in 2015. It was placed outside the Pat Connolly Tavern for a while. It is now placed outside Urb Arts (2600 N. 14th Street, St. Louis, MO, 63106), which is located in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. Francis Field on Washington University’s website

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