710 North 2nd Street, St. Louis, MO, 63102 / Cake artist: Dan Jaboor

*National Register of Historic Places*


This is where it all began for St. Louis, as far as the city’s founding! The 9-block urban district is named after French fur trader Pierre Laclede, who landed here from the Mississippi River. This is the only surviving city commercial section from the 19th century. Several cobblestone and brick streets as well as its old buildings highlight the area. Thousands of businesses have came and gone, but several historical places are highlighted throughout the Landing. Several nightclubs, restaurants, museums and shops make up the Landing today, along with the Lumiere Place Hotel & Casino. Events are also held here on occasion.

The cake, hanging in front of the Old Judge Coffee Building!
The cake, hanging in front of the Old Judge Coffee Building!

Cake placement date: March 17

Where is the cake now?: The cake is no longer there, as it was last seen during the Fall of 2019. The whereabouts of it is unknown at the moment. (June 2020)

Notes: This cake takes the honor of being the only cake that was airborne, or not touching the ground!

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