500 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, MO, 63101 / Cake artist: Rich Brooks


One of St. Louis’ finest gems, Kiener Plaza has been host to many events, most notably Cardinals rallies. It is considered part of the St. Louis Gateway Mall. Dedicated in 1962, this was to be a memorial park for Henry Kiener who passed away in 1960. Kiener was an amateur boxer, swimmer and wrestler born in St. Louis in 1881. He is mostly noted for being part of the United States Track team during the 1904 Summer Olympics (held in St. Louis).

In November 2014, plans were laid out for future renovations to the Plaza.

The running man statue at Kiener Plaza
The running man statue at Kiener Plaza

Cake placement date: March 7

Where is the cake now?:  The cake is sitting outside Soulard Art Market.   (April 2017)

Notes: This was multi-cake artist Rich Brooks’ first cake.

Rich Brooks, the cake’s artist, on painting the cake:  “I know being one of the first two artists to touch a blank cake was an honor and exciting. Andy (Cross) and I worked together in his studio as we both started our first cakes. We were doing the prototypes for STL250.

We had freedom to create any cake wanted without having to get approval. I started painting my Van Gogh cake. In a starry night fashion of painting. Part of the cake was night time and part of it was day time, all of it St. Louis. The wonderful Gateway Arch is spanning the cake from its base up into the sky. The arch is reflected in the Mississippi river. It’s a simple but complicated cake at same time. It’s one of my favorites. I loved all the use of swirls, dashes and the beginning of my cake dots.”

Rich Brooks talks about his cake to the camera crew
Rich Brooks talks about his cake to the camera crew (outside Soulard Art Gallery)

Kiener Plaza on St. Louis’ Parks website

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