2321 Arsenal Ave., St. Louis, MO, 63118 / Cake artist: Phil Jarvis


The cake representing the Benton Park neighborhood was placed at Luvy Duvy’s. Luvy Duvy’s was usually open on mornings and closed by mid-afternoon. It opened in 2007, and it was known for Southern/Caribbean decor and music while the menu consisted of Midwest and Eastern favorites. The neighborhood, which is west of Soulard, was named after Thomas Hart Benton, Missouri’s first U.S. Senator.

Luvy Duvy’s closed its doors on 3/29/2015. Nearly four months after, it was replaced by Lilly’s – Music & Social House, which shut down in 2016,

The cake, as it sits in front of the entrance!


Cake placement date: March 10

Where is the cake now?: Despite of the place sitting empty, the cake still sits outside.   (February 2018)

Luvy Duvy’s Cafe on Facebook / Official website

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