Here is an ever-changing list of the cake locations and what they have done with their cakes. Please keep in mind that this list can change/be altered at any time. This is the list as of May 1, 2018. I did NOT include the names of the winning bidders and private property cake owners. Many thanks go to numerous people (too many to mention!) for compiling this list, along with adding and providing information. If anyone has any more information, please contact the webmaster’s email (

Also please note that there are some cakes that have taken part in the cakewalk, as well as being placed at some locations around the St. Louis area. There is now a section devoted to that (keep scrolling). I have provided links to the pages of cakes that are still on display.

Starting with those that sold in the auction (from on 1/1/2015)*:

*-all of these are now placed on private property unless otherwise noted

Anheuser-Busch Brewery

Ashley Street Power House/Riverfront Trail

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

Basilica of Saint Louis (Old Cathedral)

Bevo Mill (it was located nearby at the Luna Lounge, but is no longer there)

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri

Brightside St. Louis

Campbell House Museum

Carondelet Park

Cartoon cake/Let’s Celebrate

Centene Center for the Arts & Education

Centennial Greenway/KATY Trail (see below at ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Cherokee Business District

Christ Church Cathedral


Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Creve Coeur Lake


Eads Bridge

Emmis Communications

Fairground Park

Forest Park Forever

Fort Belle Fontaine

Fort Zumwalt Park

Fountain Park/MLK Statue

Frank Lloyd Wright House

Gateway Arch

Gateway Harley-Davidson (while this cake sold, it was continued to be on display throughout 2015 and 2016. It is now on private property)

General Daniel Bissell House

Grand Basin/Fair Saint Louis

Grant’s Farm

Grants Trail

Heritage House

The Hill   (now sits in front of Columbia Auto Repair, 5335 Southwest Avenue)

Historic Trinity Lutheran Church

James S. McDonnell Planetarium

Jay International/South Grand  (now at St. Pius V Catholic Church, 3310 S. Grand)

Jefferson Bank and Trust

Jefferson Barracks Historic Site Visitor’s Center

Jewel Box

Kirkwood Train Station

Lafayette Square Plaza

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Le Grange de Terre (Big Mound)

Lone Elk Park


Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing

Missouri Athletic Club

Missouri History Museum

Museum of Transportation  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

National Blues Museum

Off Broadway  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge

Old Courthouse

Opera Theatre Saint Louis

Our Lady of the Rivers at Portage des Sioux  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Peabody Opera House

Powell Hall  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Rockwoods Reservation

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis Zoo

Scottrade Center

The Sheldon

Shrine of St. Joseph

Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Soldiers Memorial  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Soulard Market

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

St. Louis Arena

St. Louis Children’s Hospital

St. Louis Public Library/Central Library

Steinberg Skating Rink



Turtle Park

University City Lion Gates

Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

Wainwright Building

Webster University

World’s Fair Pavilion


Cakes that have been sold by the location by auction:

Butterfly House at Faust Park

Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe Company

Green Center

Historic Hanley House

Katherine Dunham Museum

The Lodge at Des Peres

Moonrise Hotel

The Muny

St. Joseph’s Academy  (won but donated back to the school)

Scott Field Heritage Air Park


Shaw Park


Cakes that are no longer at their location (or at least not on display)*:

*-In addition to the ones that were sold in the auction

(Also, please note some of these in this section may have been moved somewhere else on that place’s property. We hope to get information on those mystery ones.  And see below for cakes that have been moved to various places)

Alton City Hall (was donated to the Friends of Haskell House in Alton and was re-painted)

Alton Visitors Center  (was donated to the Friends of Haskell House in Alton)


America’s Center

America’s Central Port/YMCA (whereabouts are unknown at the moment)

Ameristar  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Babler State Park

Bellefontaine Cemetery

Blueberry Hill  (reportedly in storage)

Bonhomme Old Stone Church (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Broadway Oyster Bar  (whereabouts are unknown at the moment)

Busch Stadium

Butterfly House at Faust Park  (auctioned it off themselves; now on private property)

Cahokia Mounds  (will be repainted by its artist Mark Swain)

Castlewood Park

Centene Corporation (repainted by a caker and is now the ‘unofficial Ghostbusters cake’)

Chase Park Plaza   (supposedly donated back to the city of St. Louis)

Chess Center

Chuck-a-Burger Drive-In  (sold to someone and is now on private property)

CIC Cortex  (whereabouts are unknown)

Clinton County Courthouse (now on private property)

Compton Hill Water Tower (they originally intended to keep it, but as of 2/26/2015 it is now reportedly stolen)

Drury Plaza at the Arch

Edward Jones Dome

Edward Jones South Campus  (now on private property)

Fabulous Fox Theatre

Famous Footwear/Brown Shoe Company  (on private property, but has also been displayed at various places (see below).)

Ferguson Station Depot (has relocated to Ferguson’s new community center, 1050 Smith off of Hudson Road)

First Baptist Church

First Missouri State Capitol  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Franklin County Courthouse  (whereabouts are unknown)

Gaslight Square   (reported missing)

Gaslight Theater  (reported stolen by the employees of the theater and bar)

Grand Avenue Water Tower (the cake was destroyed by a snow plowing vehicle as it was discovered on 2/20/2015; it is now in repairing process)

The Grove (was placed at the new LGBT Center or at the Vital Voice magazine, but now at Metropolitan Community Church (1920 S. 7th, St. Louis, 63104)).

Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center  (in storage along with the Lindenwood University cake)

Historic Hanley House (auctioned off and now on private property)

Holocaust Museum (reportedly destroyed in December 2014)

Jersey County Courthouse (now on private property)

Kemp Auto Museum (after the place closed in June ’15, they moved it to storage. Organization plans on keeping it)

Kiener Plaza (now at Soulard Art Market)

Lafayette Park  (reported missing)

Lammert Building

Lincoln Park  (it is now placed at Jones Park in East St. Louis, not far from Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center)

Lincoln-Douglas Statue  (now on private property)

Lindenwood University  (in storage along with the Daniel Boone cake)

Lyon Park  (has been displayed at various places in St. Louis)

Madison County Courthouse (re-painted by the Holiday Shores Ski Club; on display inside the Holiday Shores Clubhouse)

The Magic House  (in storage inside, but don’t want to get rid of it)

Malcolm Martin Memorial Park

Manchester City Hall (it was placed at Schroeder Park, in a fenced area with pool, but it is now reportedly in storage)

Meramec Caverns

Mercantile Library

Mississippi River Greenway – Trailhead in Jefferson Barracks Park  (now on private property)

Missouri Botanical Garden  (sold by MOBOT, now on private property)

Missouri Civil War Museum  (in storage, thought to have been re-displayed at certain events)

Monroe County Courthouse

Monroe County Welcome Center  (has been reported stolen)

Moonrise Hotel  (now on private property)

National Great Rivers Museum  (reportedly in storage, and may be re-painted by its artist)

Old Saint Ferdinand Shrine (now on private property)

Pere Marquette Lodge and Conference Center  (now on private property)

Piasa Bird  (was donated to the Friends of Haskell House in Alton and was re-painted)

Robert Wadlow Statue  (reportedly in storage at the Alton Museum)

Ruth Porter Park  (according to someone who works for Great Rivers Greenway, it will eventually be placed inside their headquarters)

Saint Louis Art Museum (now on private property)

Saint Louis Science Center

Schlafly Bottleworks (on private property)

Scott Field Heritage Air Park (on private property)

Shakespeare Festival St. Louis  (whereabouts are unknown, reportedly ‘given away’)

Shaw Nature Reserve  (on private property)

Shaw Park (auctioned off and now on private property)

Skyview Drive-In  (on private property)

Spirit of St. Louis  (whereabouts are unknown)

St. Anthony’s Medical Center  (whereabouts are unknown)

St. Charles County Heritage Museum at Heritage Park (whereabouts are unknown)

St. Charles Old County Courthouse (whereabouts are unknown)

St. Joseph’s Academy (auctioned off by them and now on private property)

St. Louis College of Pharmacy (was in the admissions part of Jones Hall, now reportedly in storage)

St. Louis County Courthouse (was displayed in a couple places in STL, but now in storage by owner)

St. Louis Union Station  (in storage)

St. Louis Walk of Fame

Sweetology  (now on private property)

Taille de Noyer  (caker spotted it wasn’t there in mid-March 2016)

Ted Drewes  (now on private property)

Tower Grove Park  (now on private property)

Victorian Home Museum  (was donated to the Children’s Dyslexia Center)

Vintage Vinyl (re-painted into the Soulard Oktoberfest cake and is now on private property)

Warren County Courthouse  (now seen at the Book Exchange, located at 7352 Manchester)

Washington Historical Society  (now on private property)

Washington University School of Medicine  (see below ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

West Alton Memorial Park  (this one has been reported missing/stolen)

The Regional Arts Commission cake at its new spot, on the 3rd floor of RAC!
The Regional Arts Commission cake at its new spot, on the 3rd floor of RAC!

Cakes that are displayed in various places in St. Louis:

NOTE: Some re-painted cakes are listed here. Some of them have been moved around as they have been part of the Cakelovers’ Cakewalk. The Francis Field, First Missouri State Capitol and the St. Louis Walk of Fame are in transition at the moment, so look for those coming soon.

Ameristar Casino – Urban Eats (3301 Meramac Avenue, St. Louis)

Bonhomme Old Stone Church – located at the corner of S. Broadway and Stein   (by a small farmer’s garden)

Citygarden – Soulard Art Market  (corner of 12th and Russell at Soulard)

Farotto’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria (formerly the Museum of Transportation cake) – 9525 Manchester Road, Rock Hill, MO, 63119

Kenrick-Glennon Seminary – now outside Old North St. Louis with their cake

Kiener Plaza – Soulard Art Market (corner of 12th and Russell at Soulard)

Lewis and Clark Boat House – 2700 North 14th Street (across from Old North St. Louis Restoration Group)

Loretto Hilton – located at Urban Eats

Lyon Park – now at the park across Crown Candy in Old North St. Louis

Novel Neighbor (formerly the Six Flags cake) – 7905 Big Bend Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63119 (actually in Webster Groves)

Off Broadway – TBA

Our Lady of the Rivers – located at Pat Connoly’s Tavern (6400 Oakland, St. Louis, MO, 63139)

Powell Hall – Larder & Cupboard  (7310 Manchester Rd., Maplewood, MO, 63143)

Soldiers Memorial – located at Patti Anne’s Exchange (6022 Southwest Ave., St. Louis, MO)

Soulard Restoration Group – Joanie’s Pizza To-Go  (804 Russell Blvd., St. Louis, MO, 63104)

University City Lion Gates – located at Rack House Winery (5065 Hwy N, Cottleville, MO, 63304)

Warren County Courthouse – Urban Eats

Washington University School of Medicine – Amy’s Corner Bakeshop  (4476 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis, MO)

YMCA of Greater St. Louis (relocated to South City YMCA, address is 3150 Sublette Avenue)


Cakes that are still at their place:

Aerie’s Riverview Winery

AKC Museum of the Dog   (moved inside. It is not known what will happen to it when they move to New York in 2018)

Annie Malone

Barretts Elementary School  (moved inside, but unknown about public display)

Black Madonna Shrine and Grottos (was gone, but now back)

Blue Owl  (the cake was re-painted for their 30th anniversary celebration)

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis

Calhoun County Community Foundation (this was moved next to the Calhoun County Historical Society building, just a very short distance from the cake’s old location)

Carondelet Historical Society – Des Peres School (was in storage but it is now located by the Clark Terry mural in the Carondelet neighborhood)

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis (New Cathedral)   (has moved indoors; eventually will go into permanent spot in their Mosaic Museum)

Central Institute for the Deaf

Chatillon-Demenil Mansion  (located behind the small building to the left of the mansion)

The Cheshire

Church of the Holy Family  (may move inside their new museum)

City Museum  (still inside, but moved to the 4th floor)

Clementine’s/Soulard Art Market  (now placed at Nadine’s Gin Joint in Soulard)

The College School

Concordia Seminary

Confluence Tower

Crown Candy Kitchen

East St. Louis Municipal Building


Emma Kunz House   (according to the curator of the Victorian Home Museum, they are keeping it, but may be moved out of the lawn at some point)

Endangered Wolf Center   (keeping for sure)

Eugene Field House  (behind the fence)

Express Scripts

Feasting Fox  (has since moved to patio area)

Fort San Carlos (Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark)            this one is in question as it was removed from its outside location in late September 2017.

Greenville Public Library (cake was re-painted and was on display there and at City Hall. Its current location is in question. (October 2017))

Griot Museum of Black History

Harris Stowe State University

Head’s General Store/St. Albans   (plans on keeping it)

Historic Woods Fort  (moved to the back)

Imo’s Pizza  (at the Hampton Ave. location, just off I-64/40)

Jackie Joyner-Kersee Center

Katherine Dunham Museum (planned to sell/auction the cake)

Laclede’s Landing    (still hanging!)

Lambert St. Louis International Airport

Left Bank Books

Lemp Mansion

Lewis & Clark State Historic Site  (keeping for sure; cake will be touched up by its artist sometime)

Loretto-Hilton  (was removed and re-painted by its artist Mark Swain; see above in ‘Cakes in various places’)

Luvy Duvy’s/Benton Park  (even though no business occupies the location, the cake still stands)

Mastodon State Historic Site  (has moved to a house near the Visitor’s Center)

Matthews-Dickey Boys & Girl’s Club

Mount Pleasant Estates (cake has been re-painted)

Nine Network  (it is now behind a fence behind the building, they plan to move it someplace outside near the Commons)

Old Cahokia Courthouse

Old North St. Louis

Old Post Office (moved inside the building’s museum)

Payne-Gentry House  (moved to the back of the house)

Purina Farms

Regional Arts Commission  (placed on third floor)

Rigazzi’s  (was gone, but now back and displayed in their front patio)

Sappington House Museum

Scott Joplin House  (keeping for sure)

Shrewsbury Metrolink Station

Soulard Restoration Group  (see above for ‘Cakes displayed at various places’)

Southwestern High School

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center   (while they are for sure keeping their cake, it is only available inside their cafeteria. Public access is very limited)

St. Louis City Hall

St. Louis Post-Dispatch  (now on display inside at their lobby)

Sumner High School

The Sweet Divine

Tivoli Movie Theatre (now placed inside the foyer)

United Hebrew Congregation  (now located behind the building, by a driveway)

University of Missouri St. Louis (now located behind the Fine Arts building)

Venice Cafe

World Bird Sanctuary   (cake to be touched up by its artist, Mark Swain, and they will be keeping it)

World’s Largest Catsup Bottle (keeping for sure)

Youthbridge Community Foundation  (was indoors, but now outside again)

In addition, the Reunion cake can still be viewed inside the Missouri History Museum.



2 thoughts on “2018 Cake Status”

  1. I see that you’ve updated this site through May. I recently visited these two locations and both cakes were still where you described.

    -Old Cahokia Courthouse
    -Lewis and Clark State Historic site

    Thanks to this site I will be visiting a few more locations this fall and can message you if/when I still see the cakes in their locations. 🙂 Thank you for your hard work!

  2. Nanette here, Just a note glad to see this page! That Calhoun County cake is next to their Historical Society it’s an old white building and it’s on the side of the building by their parking lot. You can almost miss it!!
    There is still a cake at the South YMCA on Sublette I think is the street.

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