14318 Manchester Road, St. Louis, MO, 63011 (it is actually located in Manchester) / Cake artist: Mike Ochonicky

*National Register of Historic Places* (The Lyceum)


The Manchester City Hall building was once called The Lyceum, which was built in 1894. Next to it, was the Manchester Spring which flowed to the nearby Grand Graize Creek. The spring is now covered. The Lyceum is also located nearby the first trading post site for Indians, which was between the Meramec and Missouri rivers. The first floor of the Lyceum was a marketplace, or at least a shop where many townspeople got what they needed. It also may have been used as a post office in its early years. Its second floor was a large open space, which was like an auditorium or a theatre. A roller rink was enjoyed by the residents at one time, and ‘talkie’ pictures were shown on this floor during the Great Depression. Other buildings that existed in the 19th century still stand today, along Manchester Road nearby the city hall.

Manchester City Hall (the cake, in front, was attached to a rope!)
Manchester City Hall (the cake, in front, was attached to a rope!)

Cake placement date: March 4

Where is the cake now?:  In 2015, the cake was placed at the Paul A. Schroeder Park in Manchester, where it was located in the pool area (surrounded by a fence). Its whereabouts are unknown at the moment.   (February 2018)

Notes: The cake stated the city of Manchester’s motto: ‘A proud past, a bright future’

City of Manchester’s Official website

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