1400 South Highway Drive, Fenton, MO, 63099 / Cake artist: Rich Brooks  

here Maritz, a sponsor of stl250, was started in 1894 by Edward Maritz as the E. Maritz Jewelry Manufacturing Company, which would be the first to sell wristwatches. It also specialized in selling engraved and imported jewelry from around the world. After the company’s near-failure resulting from the 1929 stock market crash, the group re-vamped itself by focusing on employee reward programs for companies, in addition to their jewelry. In the coming decades, the company expanded greatly by adding travel programs and marketing research companies. Today, Maritz claims to be the world’s largest source of performance improvement, travel and market research services. The world corporate headquarters consists of 174 acres, which spreads across both sides of I-44.

The cake, which was placed outside the Maritz Theater!
The cake, which was placed outside the Maritz Theater!
Maritz, as it spreads across the interstate!
Maritz, as it spreads across the interstate! click Cake placement date: March 7

buy online cialis tablets see Where is the cake now?: The cake sold in the biddingforgood auction for $605 on 1/1/2015.

watch go site Notes: It was one of four cakes that had the ‘Route 66’ logo/symbol on it.

follow buy cialis jelly Rich Brooks, the cake’s artist, on painting the cake: “It was what I call the “Route 66 cake”. The idea behind this cake was to create a scenic view of Route 66 opportunities around St. Louis during all seasons of the year. I added the red Thunderbird traveling along the road partly because it was bold and partly because it represented friends of mine who own that car. Jack and Velda of Granite City, Illinois. I love thinking about places like Bevo Mill, the Mississippi River with the Eagles playing on the ice, the skyline of St. Louis with the arch. I love the ideas fishermen along the river, farmers working in the fields and the idea of passing time in St. Louis. You know the four seasons Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall.”

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