3159 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO, 63118 / Cake artist: STLStyle team


‘You Can’t Spell Style without STL!’ Just about everything in this store is St. Louis-related. You name it, St. Louis is on it! According to their website, they custom-make everything. Founded in 2001 by brothers Randy and Jeff Vines, the store started out as a basement store before moving to Cherokee Street in 2010.

The store with the cake in front!
The store with the cake in front!

STL-Style entrance

Cake placement date: February 21

Where is the cake now?: The cake sold in the biddingforgood auction for $525 on 1/1/2015.

STL-Style on Facebook / Official website

Here is an episode of Living St. Louis that talks about the Vines brothers:

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