2612 Annie Malone Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63113 / Cake artist: Theresa Hopkins

Located in ‘The Ville’ neighborhood in St. Louis, the Annie Malone Children & Family Service Center serves as an orphanage. Annie Malone, born in 1869, was one of the first African-American female entrepreneurs. She rose from poverty in Southern Illinois (she grew up in Metropolis, IL) to building an empire for her hair-care products. The business proved to be revolutionary, with sales of her products as well as Malone’s marketing techniques. Malone was a multi-millionaire by the 1920s, but by that time she was donating her wealth to different African-American organizations and programs that helped people of that race.

It was in 1922 that she helped the St. Louis Colored Orphans Home build a facility which stands in the Ville, which also carries her name (along with the street it is on). In 1888 the St. Louis COH was first organized, as a non-profit organization. It was and still is a way for neglected, abused and street-wise kids to be provided with education and certain programs. Malone later had to deal with personal and business issues the last 30 years of her life, while moving to Chicago’s south side. She passed away in 1957 at age 87.

The place is also known as ‘The Annie Malone Mansion’.

Front view of the Annie Malone mansion with cake in front
Front view of the Annie Malone mansion with cake in front

Cake placement date: February 25

Where is the cake now?:  The cake still sits there.    (September 2019)

Annie Malone on Facebook / Official website

Annie Malone was featured in an episode of Living St. Louis:

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