5600 Clayton Avenue, St. Louis, MO, 63110 / Cake artist: Andy Cross

*National Register of Historic Places*


The Jewel Box, also known as The St. Louis Floral Conservatory and The City of St. Louis Floral Display House, is located in Forest Park. The idea for such thing was originally conceived in 1913 as an experiment for plants, as a survival of the fittest! Designed by William C.E. Becker, the greenhouse opened in 1936. It got its name after someone said conservatorys remind him of ‘jewel boxes’. Special floral shows are hosted there usually during the holidays, as well as Mother’s Day, Easter, spring, summer and fall. The Jewel Box is also a location for many weddings. It was renovated in 2002.

Among what’s surrounding the Jewel Box is a reflecting pool, as well as a statue of St. Francis of Assisi.

The front of the Jewel Box with the cake in front!

Cake placement date: February 27

Where is the cake now?: The cake sold in the biddingforgood auction for $655 on 1/1/2015.

Jewel Box on St. Louis’ Parks website

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