2015 to come soon, so….

As I write this on December 29, things are rapidly wrapping up as far as the cakes, so a lot of changes (sad and happy) are taking place at the moment. There’s a lot I can write about, whether or not some are keeping theirs. You also still have time until midnight on 12/31 to bid on a cake. Please check out the auction website here. At the moment, the Scottrade Center cake (painted by Rich Brooks’ son Jeremy), is now at $755 and may possibly go to $1,000 by the end. Another high-bidder is the Wainwright Building, which had the lead for a while. This is possibly due to being one of the cakes that has maintained in good shape throughout the year.

In case you missed it, some of the cakes that were placed around the city are now at the Nine Network Plaza off of Grand. They are part of an exhibition that will take place at First Night, St. Louis’ New Years Eve festival. Also happening on New Years Eve is the unveiling of the final stl250 cake, which was put together by several cake artists led by Rich Brooks. The cartoon/Let’s Celebrate cake will also make an appearance as well.

Some of the locations will keep their cakes. You probably saw the previous posts about the Post-Dispatch and the Great Rivers Museum. Others are sticking to their word that they will take them out of public view after December 31st. Some of those places include the Greenville Public Library and Fort Belle Fontaine (I asked the guard!). I will do my best to try to keep everyone posted.

One more thing: several people within the last few days have now come to the endpoint of their cake-hunt. By that I mean, 250 cakes plus the additional and bonus cakes that were put out in the last few months. While many had their 250th cake in July after LaFayette Square was placed, some have gotten to that point since then. It is with great happiness to say that I’m proud for those who have went out of their way and explored their city. I’m speaking to those who have visited 25, 150 or all 250+ cakes. We’re all proud of you, and we hope that now we have a better view and perspective of our great city. Several people including myself were introduced and re-introduced to places that not very many people knew existed. Or in some cases, still existed! Once again, congratulations to those who have reached their goals, and I hope we take the time to re-visit some of those places (such as museums and historical places).

p.s. The unveiling is supposed to happen at First Night at 6pm. If anything changes or if I hear differently, I’ll gladly put it on here.

As for now, happy caking!



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