New ‘reunion cake’ finalized, with a little help from cake artists, hunters and fans

The final stl250 cake, which Rich Brooks calls ‘the reunion cake’ will make an appearance at First Night on New Year’s Eve (details coming soon…). On the days of December 20 and 21, cake hunters and fans were given the opportunity to be a part of history and paint dots on the cake! Several families and individuals dropped by Soulard Art Market (SAM) during those afternoons. Earl Miller, Andrea Snowden and Brooks were on hand to help out those painting the cake. There was several colors to choose from, but the easy part was picking the right spot and going from there!

(l to r) Earl Miller (hat), Emily Lawler and Jason Voigt adding their dots to the cake!
A quartet of cake-hunters celebrated getting their 250th cake(!) by dropping by SAM and adding their dots! Congratulations ladies!
Some more people
Some more people

The cake, which was started by Brooks earlier this month, has had plenty of work done! At least a dozen cake artists have ‘reunited’ and decided to do one last drawing(s) on a fiberglass stl250 cake! They painted their own circle(s), choosing a theme. Most of them did something that was related to a cake they painted earlier this year. Some cake artists were there on Sunday (when I was)….

(l to r): Mark Swain, April Morrison, Danielle Correll and Genevieve Esson
Cake artist Phil Jarvis doing his 'circle' while others are painting their dots
Cake artist Phil Jarvis doing his ‘circle’ while others are painting their dots


And now, the finished product:

Photographers are snapping Rich Brooks while he puts the final dots on the top of the Reunion Cake. Speaking of Rich, I gotta hand it to him for facing camera flashes all day long that day!
The front of the cake, with the familiar stl250 logo (or what I call the Missouri History Museum’s version of stl250 logo).
The back of the cake, or if you would like to consider TOKY’s logo as the front of the cake, you can do that too. Rich does, at least…



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